I spoke to Shane and gave him a brief of “Purple Haze” to base his ideas upon. What I want people to understand is that I found it a very exciting journey from first giving the guitar to Shane and receiving it back finished. Shane regularly checked in and sent me photos on his progress. I could tell that Shane was enjoying working on the guitar too.

 What sets Shane apart from others is his knowledge and experience, he’s been doing this over 3 decades now. I have no doubt that if I had asked someone else to refinish this guitar that they wouldn’t have done what Shane has here. Another person would have found a flat purple stain and used that, Shane dyed the body red, then blue. This created the most fabulous colours, a palette of amethyst, lavender, reds and blues. This colour has 3d depth to it, like a premium maple cap on an expensive guitar. Shane suggested “Hazing” the guitar with “Flip” which is a coating containing tiny reflective particles, these glow gold, green, red or silver depending on the light source and the viewpoint of the observer. After much lacquering and flatting back the body was then buffed, and Shane rewired the pickups, fitted the plate, attended to the frets, and set the guitar up. The action is the best I’ve ever seen or played upon too.

 Then my little journey with Shane was at an end. Until I commission him to make me a guitar from scratch, which I will be doing. What I would say to potential customers is “Do you want the job doing right? Do you want to be thrilled with the outcome? Do you want the best or do you want substandard? Do you want to deal with someone who knows practically all there is about making, mending, refinishing, improving your instrument? If the answers are Yes then I think you might know who to contact. Thank you so much Shane this is Fantastic! it’s a work of Art from a true modern day Artisan.

Kirk Hunter